How to choose best LED TV in Bangladesh?

How to choose best LED TV in Bangladesh?

How to choose best LED TV in Bangladesh?

Technology is upgrading so much faster now a days, it’s so much hard to keep updated everything every time. This is more true at the place of old flat screen TV. This matter is very much confusing to compare CRT, LED & LCD TV.

Let’s discuss, which one best? Why we pay extra money for LED TV instead of CRT or LCD TV.

How to choose best LED TV in Bangladesh? 1

What is LED TV?

This is a confusing question that, what is updated from LCD to LED. People think, LED is also a type of LCD. LED is undoubtly updated from LCD, but it’s also a type of LCD. LCD needs individual source for every pixel to enlighten and the source type make difference of LCD. Ordinary LCD Tubes sources are fluorescent tubes and LED sources is Light Emitting Diodes.

There are two subset of LED TV.  One is edge lit LED, where LED placed at the panel. Second one is LED, which is also called full array LED, lights placed at queue behind the panel. Which one is better? Compare LCD or LED? Full array LED produces the best picture quality but edge lit LED is light and slim. When we compare the price of LED and LCD, LED’s price is nearly double then LCD. Currently, Companies providing so much discount in LED Screens. So, now you can get an LED TV by a small addition in your budget. When, and LCD TV price is 10,000 TK, the LED TV price in Bangladesh is 12,000 TK. So, there is no way to purchase LCD TV only for 2000 TK. if Picture quality is the first priority to you, then We recommend to purchase LED TV at best price.

Science gives us many wonders of things. TV is one of them. It is an amazing device cause it combines both watching and hearing. Nowadays it is an important matter in our life. On TV we can see drama, musical functions, and speeches which are held in distant places. Many TV shows are helpful for every people. On the TV we see the news from home and abroad. By the way, we can get many sizes of TV in the market. If we want a colorful, perfect combination of a TV, we can choose a TV of ‘Pentanik’

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