How to Clean LED TV Screen

How to Clean LED TV Screen

Bangladesh is the country of 6 seasons. So, almost all the time it’s dusty everywhere. In rainy season, wet air moving surrounding us. Dust and wet air becomes harmful for our LED TV and other electronic products.

When u buy a new TV for your family, mostly you expect a long lasting lifetime and best picture quality and mind blowing sound quality. So, You need to keep your TV clean to prevent hardware damages.

Here is some tips of cleaning for your television below:

  1. Use a cotton cloth with lint free type

How to Clean LED TV Screen 1

If you watch TV whole day, once a week or once a month, it doesn’t matter to make it dirty or not. If you even don’t use the TV, You must clean it every day if possible.

It’s better to use cotton cloth (lint free type) to clean TV. It will save your screen and keep it scratch proof.  Go to the market, and also can search for microfiber glass cleaning cloth. It will provide you the spot free finish

  1. Use Safe Liquids for TV Screen

How to Clean LED TV Screen 2

Be careful, don’t use or spray glass cleaner, water, alcohol or other cleaning solution directly to the TV screen. It can make potential damage of screen.

You can use dedicated screen cleaner instead of glass cleaner to get best protection. Repeat, Don’t directly spray it to screen. Spray it to cloth, and clean the screen with the cloth.

  1. Casing and Ports Cleaning

How to Clean LED TV Screen 3

Cleaning the casing and USB, LAN, Sound and other ports are as important as the screen. Dust can make ports damaged. Though, it’s less sensitive then screen, but It also needs to be cleaned carefully

  1. Remote Cleaning

How to Clean LED TV Screen 4

Remote control device is most important to manage the TV. It also need to keep clean, because we always touch the buttons of the device.

  1. Use TV Cover to keep TV safe from dust

How to Clean LED TV Screen 5

When, TV left unused, You can use a dust cover to keep it safe from dust and wet air. You can purchase it from market. Or make it your own with suing machine or order to any tailor shop.

It’s very simple design and you can use synthetic cloths or plastic to make it.

We always want our favorite things live long. So, We can use the tips above to make it happens. Always be with Pentanik TV to get more tips and tricks.

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