Television is a device through which we can easily know any new In 1926 the English scientist John Baird invented the first televisions in the world and the medium of entertainment is television.
The former televisions are no longer visible, Earlier televisions were much larger in weight, due to the rapid advancement of technology, LCD, LED, 3D, etc. can now be seen in the television market

Which television should I buy?
If you want to consume less electricity while watching TV then LED TV is busy for you| Because watching LCD TV, LED TV is much more energy-efficient

Now this time tv is the most important and valuable thing in the part of our life. There was a time when tv could not be seen here and there. It could not be seen even in the village. At now there is no area or home where there is no television. It’s the part of our entertainment.
However this popular thing has not been introduced for a long time. Tv was first seen in America in the early of 1960. It came to Bangladesh around 1970. At that time all the programs were broadcast on TV in black and white format. Then there was the introduction of flat TV in the inch of highest 14 or 21. Then came color TV in the 19’s.There were only two channels like ETV and BTV. Only some news, Drama, Ad, Movies or some function were broadcast on those channel. Then in 2011 the first color LCD TVs were introduced. And that time different TV companies coming to Bangladesh. Then slowly turn on LED TV or 3D TV. And the inches of TV are slowly increasing like 32,40,48,52,65,74 etc. Different companies are creating different types of TVs. Like companies name are Walton, Samsung, Rangs, LG etc. Now the online system has been launched on TV. Now you can run YouTube, Facebook, Google etc on TV. Now there are many channels number on TV like ETV, BTV, Independent TV, RTV, NTV, many others indian channel (Z-bangla, Star Plus, GTV, Star jholsha),many other song channels, movies channels, Serial channels etc. Many types of Functions or AD are promoted on TV channels. Now a variety of sports live are broadcast on TV like Cricket, Football, table tennis, Olympic games and many types of games. Now a days Concerts of songs from different places are shown live on TV.
There are many advantage or disadvantage of TV. We get different types of information from TV. We entertained from tv. If we don’t like a channel, we can delete it by going to settings. we can change the channel by going to settings. We get add any kind of channels going to settings.
Now we come to see disadvantage of TV. Excessive TV viewing can cause eye problems in children. Watching TV with the lights off often cause a lot of damage of body. Watching too much in TV is very harmful of health and many time it will responsible for irregular sleep time. Sometimes many channels broadcast many types of fake news. It will harm side for many peoples. Sometimes Crime and violence may have negative effect of many peoples like children. Anything if used very more than limit improperly, Then it is harm for us.
Finally we can see TV is the best entertainment things and it provides entertain for children to adults. We learn many things from TV and we know many news from many types of news channel even world wide news from BBC. We gain knowledge many types of educational channel or Different cultural channels. It will increase our family or friends unity and it is the best time passing things of our life. So I think Everybody should watch TV but not for long.

If your budget for buying a TV is low In other words, if you want to spend less money, then it is better to buy an LCD TV| In the case of ordinary people, it is better to buy an LCD TV, but I am saying that keeping in mind the budget

But why not buy an LCD LED TV? Please take a good look at the features before buying. Thank you .

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