Pentanik Television at a glance

In the age of science, television is one of the important inventions of mass entertainment, broadly not only entertainment but also a source of information by news worldwide, live sports, movies, dramas, and so many more programs. No question about that tv is a very popular electronic device that first introduced us to portrayed sound and moving pictures together ever in the history of scientific invention. Till then now, that technology developed and revolutionary changes made this device more powerful and enriched. We started with black and white pictures, then color television, now more advanced with High Definition HD and Ultra High Definition UHD quality made our days more comfortable watching tv. Even third dimension or 3D television is also available at marketplaces around the world.

Pentanik Television at a glance
Pentanik Television at a glance

Since its invention, the first introduction of television, so many electronics companies step up to produce television with much more technological advantage. They established and till now become so many well renown brands over the world. Pentanik is one of the rising tv brands in the South Asian subcontinent. A good television brand which established back in 2017. There are so many Bangladeshi tv brands established before and after, but Pentanik has a slogan – The Name of Trust, a very promising uprising trusted television company in Bangladesh.

Pentanik TV price in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, it’s quite impossible to find a single house where doesn’t have a tv. It’s true the variety of different quality television here and there in the country, But also Pentanik Smart Android television achieved the trust of mass people across the countrywide. Well reputed Korean Technology and China Assembled television it is. About the question of quality, comparable with other world-class quality with great features and prices. Pentanik smart Android OS is available on every model of these companies. 24 inch smart android television starts with just 10,500/- bdt. Now 24 inch to 102-inch smart android television is out at your nearest market and plazas. Prices differ for different sizes, dimensions, models, and features. In Low budget, Pentanik tv is the number one package of entertainment with high-quality pictures. You can have a great guarantee and warranty period than another big-budget tv. Well, the recommendation trusted electronics company is Pentanik.

Pentanik Brand Quality and Model

Pentanik represented the best quality TV in Bangladesh in the recent past. Trying to provide the latest features to the user for more comfort interested in buying Pentanik TV. Different classes, different social points of view, Pentanik provides a medium range of price that’s how all kinds of people would purchase these television. Furthermore, they can depend on these brands, which will help the authority arrange new models, new technology, and the latest features for the Bangladeshi people. The ultimate goal is to be the number one brand in Bangladesh and afford all classes of customers and dealers interested or trusted about the Pentanik brand.

There are so many quality and models of Pentanik TV. Starts with Basic LED TV, where you can watch only television channels only. Additionally, it can drive a USB hard drive. On the other hand, this new era demand and requires the internet in every sector. Hopefully, Pentanik released a Smart Android TV in every size and model. For people who are interested in browsing the internet on television, it’s now easy to do so. Also can watch NETFLIX, YOUTUBE, AMAZON PRIME, and so many digital platforms for movies, dramas, and other programs.

Dolby’s sound system made this brand much more trusted to the user. Few limited edition models have built-in soundbar systems, which enhanced sound much comfortable for the user. Frameless or Borderless is another limited edition model of the pentanik tv. Advanced technology also in touch through this brand. The Voice command system is the last edition of this technology. For the resolution, High definition, Ultra High Definition, 4K, etc., is also included in these TV brands. Attractive frame color, stylish dimension, next-level storage system, processor with everything no doubt this brand is on top now.

Pentanik TV new Models

Requirement of the mass people over the country Pentanik come with new content and upgraded technology which is more

exciting. In 2021, it would be a more exciting year of releasing Upgraded android systems and versions. Promising journey in the electronics era, Pentanik never compromises with the quality. Upcoming new models will be more inspiring and made for different generations’ designs. This consumer unique television company never had the easy way to touch the top of the sky. The bottom story wasn’t so easy, but only for the customers and well-wished people of Bangladesh made PENTANIK a trusted brand. Among Low price tv in Bangladesh, Pentanik smart android tv goes through this with excellent long last quality and rapid service.


Pentanik Television at a glance

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